The Big Picture

Our agenda sets the context for our work. For additional reading, please see the Activities section for details on what we do and the Analysis and Events sections for details on what we have done.

  • Cybersecurity – Wars in the 21st century are really Cyberwars that leverage citizen data
  • Data – Data generated in India is the country’s National Treasure
    • Data must be secured and protected from foreign entities
  • Technology – Ownership of technology is key to creating high tech giants and wealth creation
    • Barriers to technology transfer is a serious deterrent to a self-reliant India
  • An indigenous tech stack is required for cybersecurity, data protection, wealth creation and self-reliance
    • India must catch up and fill strategic technology gaps
    • India must compete fiercely in next gen technologies including AI, Quantum, BioTech and IoT
  • Moonshot projects provide a great pathway for technology innovation and ecosystem alignment
  • Indian companies must dominate the Indian markets
    • There is a need to build Indian high tech giants – 10 $100B (revenue) companies in 10 years
  • An unfair, archaic global financial system is the root cause of money supply issues for Indian tech firms