Our research and analysis is presented in this section. Our articles are an excellent starting point to understand why we focus on specific subject areas that we do. For an overview of our agenda you can visit agenda.

Subject Matter

Analysis (of ecosystem)
  • India Essentials 100
  • India High Tech 100
  • India Essentials – Wireless 50
  • India Essentials – ESDM 50
  • India Essentials – Next Gen 50
  • India Essentials – BioTech 50
  • Regulatory Ecosystem
  • Research & Development Ecosystem


Research (on specialized topics)


White Papers

Rebalancing An Unbalanced World, IFIT Research Forum, 1 Oct 2019.

Programs & Projects

  • India First Blockchain Network



Unpacking Google’s Rs 75,000 Crore Investment in India, IFIT Research Forum, 17 Jul 2020.

How should the Indian system operate to achieve strategic goals?, YourStory, 13 Jul 2020.

What must India do to be a 21st century world power?, YourStory, 12 May 2020.

What should India do to thrive in a post-coronavirus world?, YourStory, 24 Apr 2020.

How Indian tech startups can fill a gap in tech stack building, YourStory, 6 Aug 2019.