IFIT Research Forum’s activities are centered around creating and disseminating our research and analysis to audiences of interest – academia, student & startup communities, technology companies, media, government, military, and high tech conferences & events.

We are available to present our ideas and work to various audiences at no cost. You tell us about the venue and the audiences, we will be there to present! Details are here.

List of Activities

  • Establish the overarching context of India’s requirements – geopolitical, consumer, govt – in the tech industry
  • Evangelize product opportunities
    • Hardware components, software platforms, networking, apps
  • Create pyramid structures for Indian industry and startups
    • Open source skeletons for colleges/industry to create startups, companies, training grounds
  • Inspire well-capitalized Indian companies to form tech business units to incubate and spinoff tech startups
  • Inspire well-capitalized Indian companies to take on the role of shepherds of the Indian startup and tech ecosystems