Whether they like it or not, the world views all Indians and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO) as the same. So, it is best for individuals from both categories to treat each other with respect, to not insult each other and to figure out ways to do something that is tangibly beneficial to India and the broader South Asian subcontinent. To this end, we hope all groups buy into our Vision & Mission and Agenda.


For individuals who have never left India’s borders and those who left India only for brief overseas visits, their positioning regarding India affairs can be pretty straightforward. For those with residences overseas or those who are citizens of other countries (Other Citizenship), things are a lot more complicated.

On one hand, they might have a better standard of living than the average India Resident. On the other hand, if they have any sense of their roots i.e., they start paying attention to India related issues, they can easily end up in a high stress, no man’s land. India Residents don’t necessarily view these folks as one of them, and neither do the natives of their adopted country.

NRI is a catchall word that doesn’t fully capture the reality of Indians in various scenarios. The following vocabulary can help.

  • IR-IC – India Resident with India Citizenship
  • NR-IC – Non-Resident Indian with India Citizenship
  • IR-OC – India Resident PIO with Other Citizenship
  • NR-OC – Non-Resident PIO with Other Citizenship

For each category, here’s what we think their reality is and what we think is a viable way to orient themselves when they assess our platform.

IR-IC – India Resident with India Citizenship

There is some natural friction between IR-ICs and the remaining categories due to their diverse social experiences. It is important for IR-ICs to note that almost all PIOs have a sense of their ancestral/familial connections with India. Even third-generation PIOs are typically seen as “Indians” in the countries where they live – not as “Americans” or “Norwegians”, for example. This is the reality. So, while their allegiance is to another country by definition, they have no choice but to stand up for “the South Asian sub-continent’s brown race”.

Given this, we hope IR-IC’s don’t view individuals from the other categories as antagonistic entities. Instead try and find common language, vocabulary and interests to collaborate on.

NR-IC – Non-Resident Indian with India Citizenship

While they are India Citizens, they are constrained somewhat by the fact that they make a living in a foreign country. Hence, it is difficult for them to express freely about any political differences between India and their host country.

IR-OC – India Resident PIO with Other Citizenship

Likely, they are the ones who have a keen sense of awareness of not just their Other Citizenship but also are faced with the everyday reality of living in the South Asian subcontinent. With each passing day, there are more and more individuals in this category.

We hope IR-OCs, along with IR-ICs, will be the biggest supporters of our Vision & Mission as well as our Agenda.

NR-OC – Non-Resident PIO with Other Citizenship

While they have similar constraints as NRIs, we still hope that they can take a close look at our agenda and pick portions that they feel comfortable about supporting. Specifically, we hope they’ll be a significant part of our Volunteer Subject Matter Experts (SME).