There are certain metrics that might be tangential to our Vision and Mission but are critical to the overall performance, reputation and self-image of the nation. Patience is not a virtue on topics such as these as both India’s friends and adversaries operate on infinite 24 hour cycles. Our asks directed at the Indian government and the overall ecosystem are articulated below.

Political Defections

Deadline: Three years – Independence Day 2023.

The practice of democratically-elected governments being toppled by corrupt politicians is a smear on the nation’s reputation and a episodic teardown of the citizenry’s spirit. Here are two simple rules to solve the problem.

  1. If an elector changes parties before the next general election, the elector cannot contest for public office until the next general election. The elector’s immediate family members and associates cannot contest by-elections.
  2. If unforeseen circumstances like coalition breakdown, defections and unorecented breakdown of governance make it unviable for the elected party/coalition to lead the government, then governor’s/president’s rule should be imposed for 1 year followed by a general election.


Bureaucracy Reforms

Deadline: Five years – Independence Day 2025.

  1. 50% of the Indian central government bureaucracy should be phased out before within 5 years (Independence Day 2025) and replaced by India Firsters. Elements that represent corruption, incompetence and colonial-era mindsets should be the prime candidates for the phase-out.
  2. New hires, particularly in strategic areas such as the India Foreign Service, should be analytical, business-savvy technologists and entrepreneurs that have the background, world-class skills, discipline and confidence to go should-to-shoulder with representatives from any other country. All new hires must have the capability to be catalysts that transform the bureaucracies.
  3. If any government employee is caught in a bribery/corruption situation, they should be given precisely one chance to reform themselves. One or three month suspensions or demotions are not adequate. If they are caught a second time, they should be fired and banned for life from employment and contracting positions with the any government or government subsidiaries at the central, state, city, town and village levels.


Digital Sovereignty

Deadline: Three years – Independence Day 2023.

The best long term solution to regain India’s digital sovereignty is to create a 3rd rail of technology that is distinct from USA’s and China’s. This 100% indigenous solution is IFIT’s agenda but is not realistic in the short term. The short term fix is to partner with Germany/France-led EU to create the third rail. Russia also offers intriguing possibilities since it has deep scientific knowledge in areas such as materials and cybersecurity. We believe this interim solution will stem the immediate bleeding and is achievable before Independence Day 2023.